Posted September 14, 2018 04:31:23A crash that’s left you with a busted shoulder bag and no other options is bad news for a lot of people.

Luckily, there are a lot more things you can do to get your bag back to it’s original shape.1.

Remove any of the strap tabs on the back of the bag.2.

Remove the zipper from the bag3.

Re-attach the zippers to the back or front of the backpack and pull the zipper out4.

Remove all the tabs from the back, front, or sides of the back5.

Reattach the zip or snaps from the shoulder bag6.

Reinsert the shoulder straps7.

Tighten the shoulder strap in the zippered pocket8.

Reassemble the shoulder bags9.

Reinstall the shoulder harness10.

Reattach the shoulder clip to the shoulderbag11.

Reactivate the shoulder clips12.

Reapply the shoulder patch to the bag and bag itself13.

Reflaunt the shoulder pads to the backpack14.

Resecure the shoulder pad to the collar and/or side of the pack15.

Replace the zips on the shoulderbags bag16.

Retighten the zipper on the bag17.

Reunattach the zipper18.

Reclasp the zipped pocket19.

Readjust the shoulder belts20.

Recharge the battery21.

Reheat the batteries22.

Reclose the zipper and/ or zip of the shoulder pack