O’REILLY: Well, I did what I was supposed to do.

I got what I wanted.

You know, I’m glad I got that.

And I know it wasn’t the best decision.

I’m a very lucky man.

I’ve been a public person for 40 years, and I’ve never been in the position where I’m in right now, where I can be a public voice and be able to say things about men.

I can’t do that anymore.

I know that.

You can’t.

You don’t get to be a good public person if you can’t say anything about men, you know?

The other thing I would say is that I think the public is going to see through all this.

They’re going to be outraged by it.

And they’re going see that Bill O. Reilly is no longer a public figure.

And the public will see that he’s a sexual harasser, too.

It’s not just Bill O., and Bill O’s lawyers are not going to get to defend him anymore.

The public will be outraged.

And if Bill O is not the person who gets the most heat in the public arena, then he’s going to have to change his ways and take a pay cut, too, to pay the people who have hurt him.

That’s the other thing, too: The public wants a good person in politics who is honest and straightforward.

Bill O will have to be.

And he has to come out and say he is going out there and defending Bill O, and that he has nothing to apologize for.

That he is a man of integrity and integrity is the way that he’ll be treated.

And there’s no reason why he should not do that.

I think it will be an embarrassment for him and a terrible thing for him to do for the country.

I don’t know what else he’s gonna do.

(APPLAUSE) But I know Bill O and I know how he’s always treated women, how he treated women in his life.

I also know Bill was very supportive of me as I got started.

And that’s not the way to treat a woman.

I do think that Bill and I are going to go our separate ways.

But I think that the public and the country will be better off for it.

We’ve got to make sure that Bill’s reputation and the reputation of women in America are not damaged, and they’re not embarrassed by it, and people don’t want to do it again.

And then we’re going, well, let’s get rid of this.

Bill will be able, I think, to walk out of that and say, well that’s it.

I guess that’s how things will go.

(LAUGHTER) He will never have to face any more of the same issues.

I mean, if he’s ever gonna be held accountable for what he’s done, he’ll pay for it with his life, I guess.


And then he’ll go back to doing what he loves.

(CHEERING) And he will be remembered as a great American.

Thank you very much.

[APPLAUSIBLE] Thank you.

Good morning.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) CAROL: Hello, everybody.

I am Carol Pease.

I just wanted to let you know, thanks for joining us today.

I would like to thank everybody here, including all the sponsors and everyone who’s working for this event.

I want to thank you all very much for coming.

This is the third-annual T-Mobile Arena Football Game, and you’ve all been very supportive, and we’ve all watched as the ratings have risen.

And it is a game of high-stakes, high-energy football.

We all want to see the greatest players on the field, and this is an opportunity for us to showcase those great players in a game that we’ve never seen before.

Now, to get you guys a little excited, we’ve got the first-ever pre-game show for the game, and it’s a special tribute to our heroes.

We’re going in a new direction.

We want to introduce you to the players and the coaches.

We will introduce a new team, a new coach.

We are introducing some new formations.

We’ll introduce some new strategies.

But we’re not going back to the old days.

We won’t play the same way, but we will use a new tactic, a totally new style.

We have a new way of playing football.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) CARL: So, it’s the third year of the T-Mob Arena Football game.

We welcome you to T-mobile Arena football, and the second time in a row, we are honored to be hosting the game.

So, we want to welcome you all to the Tmobile Arena Football Stadium.

Here’s what you need