The NBA’s Western Conference Finals matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday has raised questions about the viability of Golden State’s two-team plan.

In a preview of the game, ESPN’s Chris Forsberg noted that the Warriors’ plan for the game is a “two-team game” that will have two of the team’s starters playing the other.

That would give the Clippers a chance to play the Warriors twice and the Lakers a chance once, with one of them playing the Golden State starters.

In that scenario, it seems as though the Clippers would likely have to play one of the Warriors to win the game.

In the first scenario, the Clippers could have a chance at winning the game by outscoring Golden State by as many as 22 points in the paint and forcing the Warriors into turnovers.

In those scenarios, the Warriors would likely need a big performance from the Clippers to make up the difference.

This would be an extremely risky plan to execute.

Even if the Warriors win the two-game series, they are not guaranteed to make the playoffs.

With the playoffs now looming, there are still plenty of teams in the conference with a shot at a wild-card spot.

So, what happens if the Clippers lose?

The Clippers would probably be out of the playoff race, and it is unlikely they would make the NBA Finals in the first round.

The Clippers currently have a 52-42 record, and if they lose the series, their odds of making the playoffs are reduced to 35 percent.

They would have to win both games to get there.

For example, in the scenario where the Warriors lose, they would need to win by at least two points, so they would have a 40 percent chance of making it to the conference finals.

But if the team finishes with a loss and the Clippers win, their chances of making playoffs would drop to 31 percent.

The Warriors, who have the most wins of any team in the West, are the favorites to win it all, so losing by one in this scenario would leave the Warriors with a 48-41 record.

The second scenario would be even more dire for the Clippers.

If they lose both games, the odds of a playoff berth drop to 26 percent.

But the Clippers, who currently have the second-best record in the league, have a 50-40 record and have the best record in Los Cucos.

The loss in the series could make it difficult for them to make it to a first round series with the Warriors.

They are also tied for second in the Western Conference standings.

This means they will likely have a very hard time getting out of this series, as the Clippers will be eliminated from the playoffs if they win.

Even in this situation, the outcome could still be unpredictable.

The Los Angeles Lakers could be the favorites, and they will need to make a great first impression against the Clippers in order to secure a playoff spot.

The Golden State team has the ability to make all the difference in this series.

If the Clippers and Warriors end up facing each other once, the winner will face the Los Angles Lakers, who will be playing against the Los Alamos Lakers.

This could give the Lakers an advantage in the early going.

The Lakers are the defending NBA champions, and even though they lost the first game, they played a much better basketball game against the Golden States than the Clippers did.

The LA Lakers will be able to show off their superior basketball IQ and basketball IQ against the LA Clippers.

And the LA Lakers would have the edge going into this game.

This will be a huge game for the Warriors, but it will be important for the rest of the season to see if the Golden Warriors can carry this momentum into the postseason.

The NBA Playoffs will begin on April 13, and the Finals will begin in May.

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