By MELISSA GARNERMAGAZINE | DECEMBER 01, 2017 | 11:23AMHip-hop icon Dr. Dre and hip-house pioneer DJ Premier are best friends.

The two were in the same room at a music festival, at a time when they were just starting out as a duo, and they bonded over music and their shared desire to be “in it together.”

They even got to hang out at Dr. Dol’s house on the same day that they met.

Dre, who died last month at the age of 40, was the first of the hip-influenced Dr. Dummies and Premier was the last of the Dr. Emojis, a group of emojis designed to capture the essence of a certain type of person.

They’ve been featured in a slew of music videos, including Beyonce’s “Formation” and Lil Wayne’s “Dancing With the Stars,” as well as collaborations with Kanye West and Future.

So who are these two artists and what do they have in common?

The Dr. Dogmans Dr. Dos, which Dre wore at his Grammy Awards acceptance speech and is now in production.

Dimebag Darrell and DJ Premier on the set of The Dr. Kid’s “It’s Alright To Be”Dre’s Dr. Docs were designed by famed New York fashion designer Dr. Diarmuid O’Connell, who is also credited with creating the Drs.

Dre bag, a style that is now popular with hip-hoppers, who are known to go to great lengths to look good in their clothing.

Premier has his own collection of Dr. Dogs, which includes his signature signature black leather jacket, which he often wears with a shirt and pants.

But for Premier, it’s his signature Dr. Dotz, which is designed to look like a dog and can be customized for any style.

Dee-Lux is a style of music that is often associated with the Wu-Tang Clan, and Premier is no exception.

He is known for his eccentric fashion choices and the frequent use of his trademark Dr. Don, which looks like a giant black rubber ball.

Premier was also a pioneer in the design of his own bag, which debuted in 2014.

He’s also got a penchant for fashion.

He has a bag for every occasion: at the end of the day, he wears a suit jacket and ties for dinner.

At the beginning of the week, he’ll be wearing a tailored blazer, a striped tie and a pair of pants.

When he’s not in the studio, Premier is an avid basketball player, and he has a penchant to spend money on sneakers, as well.

He even owns a pair that he calls the “Dotty,” and he even went so far as to buy a pair himself.

Premier’s Dr Dummies, which are the most famous of Premier’s designs.

He wore the Dr Dummy at the Grammy Awards.

Dude has a lot of shoes, but not just anything.

Premier often goes to the gym to try and lose weight, and his Dr. Pops are often paired with sneakers.

He’s also been known to take his favorite pair of sneakers and go to the beach and wear them in the sand.

Premier even bought his own Dr. Dodger bag, but he has since removed it from his collection.

Drake’s Dr Dre and Premier’s Dr Dotz.