By Jessica E. DeBardelez-Brown, Bleacher Sports EditorWe recently reviewed the Dior bag for the purposes of this review.

This bag was a good purchase for our use, however, it was a bit of a disappointment.

While the bag is definitely an improvement over the previous generation, it still doesn’t match up to the quality of the other Dior bags we’ve tested.

The quality of materials used is also disappointing, especially the zippers.

While it’s possible to use the zipper to lock the bag, this is far from an ideal solution.

While there’s some room for improvement, it’s not a deal-breaker.

This is a solid, waterproof bag that does a good job of holding your essentials.

It was a little disappointing to find that the zippered pocket of the bag had a zipper hole on it, rather than an integrated hole in the bottom of the pocket.

This wasn’t a big deal, but it was also a bit disappointing to see a zipper in a pocket that doesn’t have an integrated zipper hole.

It’s possible that this pocket is more easily accessed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something of a feature.

In addition to the zipper, the bag has a good amount of zippers, pockets, and zippers.

The pockets on the bottom are also pretty solid.

However, the top zipper is pretty flimsy, and you won’t want to use it unless you need to carry a lot of items.

The pocket is also a little flimsy.

The bag doesn’t feature a removable front pocket, which is a plus, as it’s easier to access things like keys, keys, and wallets.

However, the Dionys are not perfect.

The zippers on the top flap have a bit too much movement, which made it difficult to get everything in one place.

This also makes it harder to access the zipper when you’re just carrying your stuff.

The back zipper is also very difficult to access, and can be quite difficult to open.

Overall, the Zpacks Dior backpack is an okay bag, but a bit lacking in quality.

The bags are a great value for the money, however.

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