Michael Kors is gearing up for another high-profile collaboration with its namesake designer bag brand.

The company is launching a new collection of bags to go with its latest line of laptops, which it hopes will encourage people to ditch their old bags for the more convenient bags they have to work with.

The range of designer bags will be available in two colourways.

The first is white, with a logo on the front, while the second colourway is grey, with logos on the back.

The company will launch a second colour range in November.

“Our products and our brand are all about design and quality,” Mr Kors said.

“And we’re very proud of the work that goes into each of them.”

It’s about creating the best and most practical bags for everyday use.

“We think that the best designer bags are designed with people in mind and that’s what we want to give people.”

The company launched the first colour range of bags in the autumn of 2016, and has already sold over 300,000 bags in its home market.

“We’ve always had the best collection of designer brands, but this collection is really a showcase for the range of products that we have in the world,” Mr O’Shea said.

“It really reflects what our brand has been working on.”

As we’ve continued to expand the range we’ve also added to our existing collection, which is an amazing collection of classic and contemporary designer bags.

“The range is meant to be available on a wide range of laptop types, including the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the 13.3-inch iPad Pro and the 13in MacBook.

The bags are expected to be the company’s biggest foray into the laptop bag market yet.

In 2016, the company announced a $20 million funding round that will help it develop its laptop bag business, with the goal of doubling the size of its existing portfolio of designer products.”

The company has been focusing on creating the most efficient and durable design in the industry,” Mr McPherson said.