Posted February 11, 2019 11:36:24The contents of a suitcase, which is now in the hands of the ABC’s new home in Sydney’s inner-west, were left in a Brisbane garage in a ‘very, very, low’ price last month.

Key points:The ABC’s newsroom in Brisbane is now the ABC newsroom’s second home, replacing its former home in FitzroyThe ABC News Breakfast will stay in the Fitzroy office for at least the next two yearsThe ABC was once a regional newsroom with offices across Brisbane, New South Wales and Victoria, but has been relocating its operations to Sydney.

In December, the ABC announced it would close its Fitzroy bureau in 2017, leaving it in the role of a regional Newsroom, which will now be housed in the ABC Newsroom.ABC News Breakfast was the only ABC news program to remain in Brisbane.ABC chief executive Steve Adler said the decision to relocate its Brisbane bureau was “one of the biggest decisions we’ve made”.

“We were the only news program on ABC News 24 in the country to have moved out of Brisbane, and it was really a very, very challenging time for us,” he said.

“We had a great time working with our staff and we made the right decision.”ABC News breakfast will remain in the Brisbane office for the next several years, as it will continue to broadcast news across the state.

The ABC announced in December it would move its Brisbane newsroom from the Fitzrovia building to a new building in a development known as The New Broadmeadow.

“This is a major milestone for the ABC, and the ABC has become a leader in regional news in Australia,” Mr Adler told the ABC.

“Today, we’re announcing the new home of ABC News in Brisbane, with a number of key regional news anchors, a digital news team and a team of new staff to support the transition.”

The newsroom has been a vibrant and important part of the community in Brisbane for over a century, and we are proud to remain here as a part of ABC Brisbane for a long time to come.

“Mr Adler has also said the ABC will stay open for another two years in the office, despite the relocation.”

At the moment, our regional news team is not open at the moment but we’re looking at a number plans to change that,” he told ABC News Radio.”

As a result of that, we will be moving our Brisbane bureau to The New Broome in 2020.

“Mr Barrington said he believed it was the right time for the newsroom to move.”

There’s a lot of uncertainty around our future in Brisbane,” he explained.”

People are still wondering if we’ll be there next year.

There’s a number people who’ve moved elsewhere and we’ve got to make sure we have an experienced news team that’s ready to go.

“Mr Bartlett said he felt the move was “the right move” for the new office, but he had no idea what would happen with the newsrooms once the new building opened.”

I think it’s great news for Brisbane, I’m sure it’s going to help the city grow,” he added.”

It’s a big change for the whole city of Brisbane and a big shift for the business.

“Mr Carrington said it was a shame newsrooms weren’t used to being at the forefront of local news, particularly when newsrooms were in the middle of building the ABC building.”

A lot of newsrooms are in the bottom of the heap, and they have to be a bit of the linchpins of the business in a way that a lot more big, major news organizations don’t,” he noted.”

They’re the ones that have to know about everything that’s going on and what’s going wrong in the community.

“To be able to have that as a newsroom and a business, it’s fantastic.”

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