Two new bag brands are opening up in Australia, including the Kavu bag and a double-end bag.

Kavu is the Australian’s favourite and the best-selling bag brand in the world, and they have been in Australia for almost 10 years.

The Kavus were originally launched in Japan in 2010, and are now available in a number of countries including the UK, France, Italy and the United States.

The brand is known for its easy-to-use design and ease of use, and is well-loved in the industry.

Kavalas are often used in the same way as a back pack and have been designed to fit into the back pocket of the backpack, and can be used to carry your essentials and small items.

Double-end bags are popular with backpackers and people with large backpacks, and allow for a bigger footprint.

They are also often used to store bags that will fit in your bag.

A Kavusa Double End Bag is a medium-sized backpack and the smallest size in the range.

The backpack is built to carry just over 10kg and has two front pockets, two rear pockets and an internal pocket for items such as your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The double-ends are available in three colours, Blue, Silver and Red, and come in three sizes, 12.5×12.5 x 12.25cm, 12x12x12 x 12cm and 15x15x15cm.

Kavanas are made from high-quality leather, so you can expect the product to last a long time.

Kaveras are currently available in both black and white colours.