Michael Kor’s Sling-Bag Revealed on Twitter!

The Michael Koring’s Sled-bag, which has already sold out of its 300+ pieces worldwide, has finally gone on sale, with Michael KORS’ Sling Bags in stock at all retail locations!

The bag is made of polyester fabric and is the most expensive item in the Michael Kora’s catalog.

You can get it from September 10th, with the price starting at $700 USD, a hefty amount considering it’s not even the cheapest item on the catalog!

The Slingbag will come with two different color options for each of the MichaelKor’s bags.

The top bag has a black, green, and purple design, while the back has a blue, yellow, and red design.

There are two color options: black for the back and green for the front.

The back of the bag features a “slim” profile.

The bag has an integrated battery compartment, which allows you to charge your iPhone, tablet, or phonebook.

The bag is fully waterproof, so it should be able to withstand a few hours of use on the beach.

There is also a “mushroom pouch” on the back, which you can use as a quick-drying hand towel or a quick way to wipe your hands.

The MichaelKors Slingbags can also be purchased separately as a Slingback, which features the same battery and a different color.

They cost $200 USD.

The bags will be available for purchase September 10, and can be purchased online here .

MichaelKoras Sling Back, MichaelKora’s Sledge, Michael Koras Sled, Michael kors Sled Bag, and MichaelKoros Sled Back are all available for pre-order now.

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