Kale is one of the few vegetables to have been used for food centuries before humans started eating it.

It’s also a superfood, and the most versatile vegetable on the planet.

But Kate Spades new range of bags will have you thinking about your bag more than usual.

In a new range Kate Spads new range, called Kate’s Kale, the bags have a kale-infused look.

The bags are made of recycled plastic, and Kate Spaders website says: “The bags come in a range of designs, including a range that’s inspired by Kale’s green appearance, and a range which has kale leaf and leaf stem designs on the back.”

Kale has been shown to help prevent and treat cancer, arthritis and depression, and its leaves are also used in a wide range of products.

We’re not entirely sure how the new range is going to sell, but Kate Spadets blog has said the bags will go on sale on January 18.