The NBA summer league is the most prestigious event of the year, and there are plenty of exciting matchups and storylines to keep your eyes on this week.

But what you may not know is that this year’s draft class is even better than usual.

The NBA’s draft lottery is the biggest, and while the top three teams in the league are usually locked in, it’s not as if the top two teams can’t be outbid.

That’s what makes the draft so important.

There’s a chance that, as expected, some of the best teams in basketball will be left out.

The most important position on the court for the most valuable position in the world is the point guard position, and a handful of players from this year will be on the trade block in the coming days.

Below are five players that should be on everyone’s radars heading into the NBA summer.1.

Malik Monk, Kentucky guard/center/small forward.

The best-ranked point guard prospect in the country according to NBA DraftExpress, Monk is the only player in the draft with a positive upside in the NBA Draft, and the Kentucky product will be the first player taken in the first round.

He’s a big-bodied, athletic guard who’s not afraid to step up and attack the basket and makes an impact off the dribble.

In his two years at Kentucky, Monk averaged 10.5 points, 2.7 assists and 3.6 rebounds per game.

His playmaking ability will make him a very intriguing addition for teams in need of a wing-type who can attack the rim and make a play.

Monk could be the ideal fit for a team looking for someone who can score from distance and attack from the perimeter.2.

Anthony Davis, Syracuse guard/forward.

Davis is one of the most talented guards in the class and a versatile player who can stretch the floor, finish in the paint or score inside.

He has the size, athleticism and passing skills to be a solid addition to any team’s offense.

He’ll be a good fit in a team that is willing to sacrifice some of its bigs to get him, especially if he’s a true freshman.3.

Ben Simmons, LSU guard/power forward.

Simmons is a dynamic wing who is a big body who can shoot, but has the athleticism to create for himself and others.

He can create for his teammates and also score, but he needs to work on his decision making.

His ability to shoot and move his feet are the biggest selling points, but Simmons also needs to improve his ability to defend and get to the free throw line.4.

Jalen Brunson, North Carolina guard/small-forward.

Brunson is a good athlete who has the potential to be one of college basketball’s best wings.

He should be a nice complement to Kentucky’s point guard and has the physical tools to become an elite scorer.

Brunsson should be able to score and be a threat off the glass, but his decision-making will need work.5.

Jordan Bell, Florida State guard/big man/forward/small forwards.

Bell has a unique combination of size and athleticism.

He could be a great fit in Florida State’s system and can also score.

He averaged 11.4 points and 5.8 rebounds per contest for the Seminoles last season.

He is a strong two-way player who has a nice outside shot and could fit right in as a rotation player in a contender.6.

Malik Newman, Georgia forward/center.

Newman is one the top prospects in this draft class, and he’s not far off being considered one of NBA’s top centers.

He needs to add muscle to his frame and add muscle on his wings to be an effective offensive player.

His shooting is still raw, but Newman is a scorer and a solid rebounder.7.

Jordan Adams, Kentucky forward/power guard/mid-range shooter.

Adams is one player who should be available in the middle rounds who can play at both forward positions.

Adams averaged 14.3 points and 6.8 assists per game for the Wildcats last season and he has the length to play both forward and small forward.

He also has the ability to score, and if he continues to grow, he could be an interesting addition to a team searching for a shooter.8.

Jahlil Okafor, Duke center/forward .

Oka forgoes the draft to focus on college basketball.

He made an impact as a freshman and is already a dynamic scorer.

OkaFor a team with so many talented bigs, he’s one of only two big men with an upside at the moment.

He projects to be more of a scorer in the future.9.

Justin Jackson, Gonzaga forward/small center/midrange shooter/small ball wing.

Jackson is a solid shooter who has an explosive first step.

He might be a bit undersized, but Jackson is an effective scorer who is strong on the defensive glass.

Jackson can score on