Adidas has announced that it is to introduce a bag for the ladies.

The brand is partnering with Gucci, which is best known for its Crossbody bag line.

The new bag will be available at Adidas stores and on the Adidas website starting in January, and will be priced at $170 (£140).

It will be made from a high-performance nylon fabric, and features a leather lining and pockets.

The bag will include a leather shoulder strap, a leather belt buckle, a mesh zipper pocket and an internal pocket for your smartphone.

“Our goal is to bring new and exciting designs to women who want to take on a new role and have a new style, and the Polo-inspired Crossbody bags will be a step in that direction,” said Adnan Aslam, head of design for Adidas Group.

“We have always been proud of the crossbody approach and our Polo collection has always been a statement that we believe in this concept of taking care of the most important thing in the world: our bodies.”

The bag is being created with the help of Gucci and will not be available to buy in stores.

It will launch at Adidas retailers on January 13.

Adidas has also announced that the brand will be collaborating with Nike and Reebok to bring the brand’s Crossbody line to the UK.

The bags will become available to pre-order from March.

Adidas will also be bringing back the Polo brand in 2017 with a new collection of bags, which will be sold at the same price.

The Polo-Style bag will come in four colours: navy blue, gold and charcoal grey.

Adidas is aiming to bring its CrossBody brand to as many as 100 million pairs of shoes in 2017.

The company is aiming for the new collection to launch in mid-2017.